Non tutto ma di tutto

Designing Luxury Experience

I like how the topic is approached, the idea of the holistic experience and the focus on emotion. Can a greater attention to experience design bring some “luxury feeling” in our lives?

Specific aspects of the brand context, such as store atmosphere or human elements, influence customer experience. However, customer experience is holistic. A company should orchestrate an integrated series of “clues” that will, collectively, determine how customers experience the brand.

Sopra Digital Approach

Intuitive interfaces don’t exist. Why should we use any interface at all, then?

People, Data and Objects: the future has no interfaces

Businesses have all the data and tools they need to create the new, context-based interfaces, and will only have more. Right now, we’re still far from reaching the magical moment, but we will get there when people responsible for designing and developing software will switch from building directories to delivering action items. And whoever gets there first, may become the creator of first intuitive interface ever: no interface at all.


Retail is in a state of disruption

Retail is in a state of disruption. The consumer is in charge and expectations have never been higher. It is the omnichannel era. Despite the changes occurring, industry research shows that the retail industry remains bullish on growth for the coming year, with more than 90 percent stating their budgets are increasing or remaining the… Read more »